Send a Birthday Message

Use HULEDET gifts to create a personalized touch point with your network of clients, contacts, donors, alumni, volunteers, etc. (think ecard + gifts).

HULEDET offers the ability to create a fully branded message from you, to your audience, that includes a message and birthday gifts, while maintaining your branding.

Complete our form on the right and we'll help you create a birthday touch point with your audience!


What Do They Get?

One email a year that is fully branded from you and includes a message and birthday gifts geo-targeting to their home area. Gifts include free meals, event tickets, and more!


Why Is It Free?

Our revenue comes from our business clients, who want to introduce themselves to consumers in their area. Because our revenue comes from them, we can provide you with free service.


Who Gets Our Data?

Your data is never given out. We provide a full non-disclosure agreement stating that data is never shared, sold, or given to anyone.